Meinl Percussion

Meinl Percussion is a manufacturer of percussion instruments based in Gutenstetten, Germany. Meinl manufactures a very wide range of percussion instruments including

A-Go-Gos, Ajuch Bells, Bags, Beaters, Blocks, Bongo Cajons, Bongos, Brushes, Bags, Cabasas, Cables, Caixas, Cajons, Castanets, Chimes, Ching Rings, Claves, Congas, Cowbells, Crasher, Darbukas, Didgeridoos, Wood Djembes, Djembe, Synthetic Djembe, Doumbeks, Foot Percussion, Frame Drums, Güiras, Güiros, Hand Drums, Hand Percussion, Hardware, Heads, Hybrid-Drumming, Ibodrums, Jingle Sticks, Kalimbas, Mallets, Maracas, Microphone Clamps, Orchestra Ratchet, Pandeiros, Percussion Stomp Boxes, Pickup Instruments, Rainmakers Rainsticks, Riq, Ritual Drums, Samba, Shakers, Shekeres, Sleigh Bells, Sound Effects, Stands, Sticks, Scrapers, Surdos, Tablas, Tables, Tamborims, Tambourines, Tampeiro, Timbales, Triangles, Wood Frogs



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Meinl MSTCJB-BP Cajon Backpack
Meinl VR-CSH Crystal Shaker
Meinl NI1AM The Night, Amber
Meinl NI1AM The Night, Amber
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Meinl HBAC Heavy Cymbal Bacon