NUX DM-1X 5 Piece Digital Electronic Drum Set With DA-30BT Monitor Speaker ( DM1X )

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  • 1 Snare, 3 Tom, 1 Hi-Hat, 1 Crash, 1 Ride, 1 Hi-Hat Control, 1 Kick, 1 Kick Pedal
  • Phone,DV 9V, Usb Midi, Aux in, Output
  • Tap/Metronome, Rhythm, Volume, Reverb Adjustment
  • Come with Headphone, Drumstick and Stool
  • DA30 Monitor Speaker with Bluetooth 

NUX DM-1X 5 Piece Digital Electronic Drum Set with DA-30BT Monitor Speaker and Kick Pedal (DM1X DM1 DA30)

DM-1X is an entry-level digital drum kit in the NUX digital drums family. Following its predecessor model DM-1, DM-1X has significant upgradein appearance and structural stability. It retains the original 'portable' concept, while being more adjustable. DM-1X has an independent kick drum to restore the most realistic playing experience. It offers drum sampling that covers all music styles, as well as the reverb effect adjustment. Moreover, its user-friendly coach and recording function helps you keep track of all your progress. And the simple drum module is easy to use while delivering powerful functions.

High-Quality Entry-Level Drums
NUX DM-1X is for everyone who wants to keep practicing and enjoys playing drums at home. DM-1X has high-quality drum pads, and it supports fundamental acoustic playing technique with a perfect response. No matter strike feedback or touching, DM-1X provides you with the most authentic acoustic feel and perfect drumming experience.

Legendary Sound Library
The drum sound library of DM-1X cover various music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more. In creating these kits we took advice from various accomplished professional drummers, in addition to sampling sounds from some legendary popular kits that have been the signature sounds of many popular artists over the years.

Coach and Recording
DM-1X is more than just a digital drum kit - it's also a digital drum coach. The built-in coach function helps players keep track of their daily practice and helps improve the skills step by step. The recording function can capture any ideas or innovative beats at any time.

Personal Monitor Amplifier
NUX DA-30BT is designed for portable electronic drum monitoring with bluetooth. The speaker responses to the drum's frequency very well, also low frequency band is adjustable. DA30BT is also compatible with any electronic keyboard, digital piano or synthesizer. It has 2 inputs with independent volume control, it can be useful for 2 musicians to share monitoring in the studio or just playing at home.

NUX DM-1X 5 Piece Digital Electronic Drum Set With DA-30BT Monitor Speaker ( DM1X )