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Meinl Stick & Brush SB600 Luke Holland Signature Drumstick

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Precision and a blend of speed and power characterize Luke Holland's drumming skills, reflected in his signature drumstick. Crafted from selected US hickory, this stick features a diameter between a 5A and 5B, making it versatile for various drummers and applications. Its length just over 16" and short taper provide a balanced mix of speed and power. The round ball tip ensures clarity on both cymbals and drums, while the thicker shoulder enhances durability.

Quote: "After receiving my first official pair of signature drumsticks from Meinl Stick & Brush, I can confidently say this is the first time I have experienced the feeling of a drumstick becoming an extension of my arm, rather than an accessory to get the job done. As someone who needs a fluent combination of power & finesse, I am very proud of this stick & what it allows me to accomplish behind the kit." - Luke Holland


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  • SKU: SB600
  • Series Name: Drumsticks - Signature
  • Model: Luke Holland Drumstick
  • Type: Drumstick
  • Material: American Hickory
  • Wood Weight Category: Medium
  • Tip: Round Wood Tip
  • Diameter: 14.7 mm / 0.580"
  • Length: 411 mm / 16.2"
  • Taper Length: Short
  • Made in: Germany

Meinl Stick & Brush SB600 Luke Holland Signature Drumstick