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Meinl Stick & Brush SB606 Zack Grooves Signature Drumstick

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Zack Grooves collaborated with Meinl Stick & Brush to create a signature drumstick designed to feel like an extension of his hands, versatile for various musical situations. Crafted from the heaviest hickory dowels, these sticks are milled down to a medium-thin diameter of 0.550" and cut to a length of 16.5" with a long taper for balance. This design offers a fast playability suitable for small venues yet robust enough for louder performances. The oval wood tip provides a balanced response with a wide range of tones and attack on cymbals, giving precise control over sound production.

Quote: "I was on a mission to find the perfect drumstick no matter what style of music I was playing. I needed something light enough for a jazz standards gig at a cocktail joint, but also heavy and durable enough to bash on a rock hit. And let me tell you, the folks at Meinl Stick & Brush nailed it! My drumsticks feel super quick and responsive to play. But with the extra length, there’s enough reach to powerfully blaze around the drum kit without feeling like you’re working too hard. I always feel like I’m in complete control of what I’m playing, no matter the style or task. Let’s not forget about the oval tip of the stick that sounds really good when you wanna get real sweet and sensitive on the cymbals. All around, it's my favorite stick of all time." - Zack Grooves


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  • SKU: SB606
  • Series Name: Drumsticks - Signature
  • Model: Zack Grooves Drumstick
  • Type: Drumstick
  • Material: American Hickory
  • Wood Weight Category: Heavy
  • Tip: Oval Wood Tip
  • Diameter: 13.9 mm / 0.550"
  • Length: 419 mm / 16.5"
  • Taper Length: Long
  • Made in: Germany

Meinl Stick & Brush SB606 Zack Grooves Signature Drumstick