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Meinl Stick & Brush SB605 El Estepario Siberiano Signature Drumstick

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El Estepario Siberiano collaborated with Meinl to create a signature drumstick that combines classic elements with modern versatility, designed to complement his wide range of drumming abilities. Crafted from select US hickory, these sticks feature a medium-thin diameter of 0.555", just under a 5A grip, and an acorn tip for clear cymbal definition. The unique length of 16.375", combined with a medium taper and medium weight, enhances responsiveness and agility across the drum kit.

Quote: “We spent a few months developing the perfect stick that works in every single style of music. Not only did we work on the diameter and length for balance, but we also found the weight I needed for durability. Now, each pair lasts longer than my last marriage. This is not just a drumstick. This is the tool I use to make a living, and I trust it with my life.” - El Estepario Siberiano


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  • SKU: SB605
  • Series Name: Drumsticks - Signature
  • Model: El Estepario Siberiano Drumstick
  • Type: Drumstick
  • Material: American Hickory
  • Wood Weight Category: Medium
  • Tip: Acorn Wood Tip
  • Diameter: 14.1 mm / 0.555"
  • Length: 416 mm / 16.375"
  • Taper Length: Medium
  • Made in: Germany

Meinl Stick & Brush SB605 El Estepario Siberiano Signature Drumstick