Tama HS50S The Classic Series Snare Stand

Snare Drum Stand with Gearless Tilter, Escape Claws, and Classic Basket

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Inspired by the vintage cymbal stands of the 1960s, we are proud to announce our new extremely lightweight and compact Classic Stands. These stands are not merely a rehash of old designs, but a beautiful blend of vintage style with the strength, adjustability, and reliability of modern construction.
In addition, the single braced adjustable tripod makes for easy placement without getting in the way of the hi-hat and drum pedal.

Model No.: HS50S

Model Name: The Classic Snare Stand

•For 12" to 15" Diameter Snare Drums
•19.1mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
•Single Braced Tripod Legs
•Classic Style Basket
•Double Braced Arms
•Gearless Tilter
•Memory Lock
•Weight: 1.7kg (3.11lbs)
•Height Adjustment Range: 390mm-580mm (15 3/8" - 22 7/8")
•Storage size: 600mm (23 5/8")

Tama HS50S The Classic Series Snare Stand