Meinl AC-FAT 18"/16"Artist Concept Fat Stack - Matt Garstka

18" Cymbal Stack with Raw and Lathed Surfaces and Perforated Top (2 Pieces)

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This stack cuts through the mix with a crunchy bite. With no ring the sustain is dry and pleasing to the ear. Its trashy quality is maintained through a wide variety of tensions, with my personal favorite being a light tension that gives its Fat Stack namesake. It functions in my setup mainly as a time keeper, but it also works extremely well with choppy accents. Coupled with a snare it has a great organic hip hop clap sound.

Designed by: Meinl Cymbals artist & R&D team

Unique cymbal stack combinations: Truly innovative sounds

Cymbal Type: Stack

Weight: Thin

Size Top: 18″

Size Bottom: 16″

Music Style: Electro, Jazz, R&B, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion

Pitch: Low

Character: Crunchy-bite

Timbre: Dark

Volume: Medium To Low

Lathe: Narrow Blade

Sustain: Short

Material: B20 Bronze

Finish: Raw, Traditional

Shaping: Hand Hammering

To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner, Meinl Cymbal Protectant

Meinl AC-FAT 18"/16"Artist Concept Fat Stack - Matt Garstka