Meinl AC-BULLET 12"/16"Artist Concept Bullet Stack - Luke Holland

Cymbal Stack with 12" Brilliant Perforated Top and 16" Traditional Perforated Bottom (2 Pieces)

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Quick as a bullet, hurts like one too. Abrasive but musical. Perfect for when you need to cut and make your point, but make it quick. The Bullet Stack can be used to accentuate in grooves or fills, or utilized as a time keeper.What I love about the Bullet Stack ist hat no matter how quickly you need it to be present and then disappear, it always delivers.

Designed by: Meinl Cymbals artist & R&D team

Unique cymbal stack combinations: Truly innovative sounds

Cymbal Type: Stack

Weight: Thin

Size Top: 12″

Size Bottom: 16″

Music Style: Electro, Jazz, R&B, Studio, World, Reggae, Pop, Fusion

Pitch: Low-Mid

Character: Abrasive, Cutting

Timbre: Mid-Bright

Volume: Medium

Lathe: Narrow Blade

Sustain: Medium to Short

Material: B12 Bronze, B20 Bronze

Finish: Sandblasted, Brilliant

Shaping: Hand Hammering

To Clean: Not recommended

Meinl AC-BULLET 12"/16"Artist Concept Bullet Stack - Luke Holland