Meinl B21MR-B 21" Byzance Brilliant Medium Ride

21" Medium Ride Cymbal made from B20 Bronze - Brilliant Finish

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Highly polished finish effects a clear, warm sound with bright overtones. Defined ping with medium sustain.


B20 Bronze Alloy

Hand hammered for a unique sound

Bright rich sounds

Cymbal Type: Ride

Weight: Medium

Size: 21″

Music Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio

Pitch: High-Mid

Character: Brilliant, Rich

Timbre: Mid-Bright

Volume: Medium

Lathe: Narrow Blade

Sustain: Medium

Material: B20 Bronze

Finish: Brilliant

Shaping: Hand Hammered

To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Polish, Meinl Cymbal Protectant

Meinl B21MR-B 21" Byzance Brilliant Medium Ride