Meinl B024VSM 10"/12"/14" Byzance Vintage Smack Stack

3-piece FX Cymbal Pack with 10", 12", and 14" Unlathed B20 Bronze Cymbals

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The Byzance Vintage Smack Stack features three B20 bronze discs shaped to create a distinctive sound effect. The stack can be manipulated by adjusting the tension of the cymbal stand’s wing nut. Increased tension produces a crisp attack and short decay ideal for quick accents, while loose settings yield a longer sustain. Works well when paired with a snare drum for enhanced back beats, or as an alternative to your snare altogether. The discs are sized 10”, 12”, and 14”.


Unique Sound

B20 Bronze Alloy

Special Surface Treatment

Cymbal Type: Smack Stack

Weight: Medium

Sizes included: 10″, 12″, 14″

Music Style: Pop, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Studio, Electro

Pitch: Low

Character: Experimental, Vintage, Dry

Timbre: Dark

Volume: Medium To Low

Lathe: None

Sustain: Short

Material: B20 Bronze

Finish: Dark, Raw

Shaping: Bending

To Clean: Not recommended

Meinl B024VSM 10"/12"/14" Byzance Vintage Smack Stack